ANR Video Awards 2016

Nominees 2016

We present to you the Nominees and Winners of the ANR Video Awards 2016. The following videos have been nominated and voted for by the Android Netrunner community.

Most Exciting Game

The game that kept us on the edge of the seat the entire time. It features surprising twists and turns, daring plays and the most outrageous risks. It's the game where we were never fully sure how it would end. It is the game that represents what makes Netrunner so engaging.


27,7%   Giga-bites Cafe SC - Loser's Semis PeachHack
26,7%   Worlds: Finals - Game Two FFG / RunLastClick
21,5%   Euregio 5 - #3 - The Game that was Promised TeamworkCast
13,8%   U.S. Nationals : Finals - Game Two Metropole Grid
10,8%   Expo Regional Elimination Round 2 Neoreading Grid

Most Unusual Game

This game that caught us completely off guard. It features unusual decks, cards or plays. In essence, it is the game where players make delightfully unconventional, sanity-destroying choices. It is the game that made us realize how much there is still to explore in the world of Android Netrunner.


31,1%   Euregio 6 - #2 - Entkomming the Boom TeamworkCast
23,0%   Giga-bites Cafe SC, Winner's Finals Peachhack
19,7%   GenCon NA Winner's Quarterfinals Peachhack
13,1%   Jank Round 2 Neoreading Grid
13,1%   Reading SC - Elimination Round 1 Neoreading Grid

Best Corp Play

This game features the coolest and most calculated Corp player. It shows the supreme control of the situation. This Corp player manages to keep the most duplicitous Cyberterrorist at bay by maintaining grace under pressure. This player miraculously patches all crucial security leaks and keeps the numbers in the black by pulling the corp through the crisis.


28,3%   RPC Cologne Regional - #8 - MonkeyML Wrench TeamworkCast
25,0%   Giga-bites Cafe SC - Grand Finals Game 2 Peachhack
21,7%   BABW Online Qualifier - [R3] Circadia vs. Dave Beyoken
15,0%   Expo Regional - Elimination Round 1 Neoreading Grid
10,0%   Worlds: Elimination Round 3 Neoreading Grid

Best Runner Play

This game features the most elite runner. This player shows all of us all weefles how it's done by ph34Rlessly jacking into the most protected servers, overcoming the most impossible security mechanisms, and putting everything on the line for teh win and for all of the lulz.


41,7%   Worlds: Finals - Game Two Beyoken
26,7%   GenCon NA Finals Team Covenant
13,3%   Expo Regional - Final Neoreading Grid
11,7%   Oberonn Hasselt Regional - #6 - Phantom Train Pain TeamworkCast
6,7%   Eudemonia Aug GNK #2 - CtM vs Silhouette SanSanFrancisco

Best Guide

This category is for the most informative and enjoyable video that explains and/or discusses Netrunner strategies and/or cards. It is the video that contributes the most to bringing newcomers up to speed. It even occasionally shows veterans how to get things done.


33,3%   Agenda Suites and Global Food Beyoken
26,7%   The Art of Running Ep. 2 Peachhack
18,3%   2015 World Championship Decks Willingdone
15,0%   Help Me Run Better - #1 TeamworkCast
6,7%   SYNC deck analysis Beyoken

Best Commentary

The game where people behind the microphone almost outshone the people in front of the camera. Be it either by illuminating complex plays and drawing valuable lessons from then or simply by knocking it out of the park with humor and charisma.


30,2%   SMC Championship - Round 1 Game 1 Peachhack
25,4%   Hiveworld SC - #5 - Sellout Colony TeamworkCast
19,0%   Worlds: Finals - Game Two FFG / RunLastClick
6,3%   UK Nationals - Elimination Round 7 Neoreading Grid